Private Servers Ranking


#1 - Grand Theft Minecart - GTA in MineCraft!    -   Minecraft  Minecraft       Votes: 3   Vote

  • Grand Theft Minecart - GTA in MineCraft!

    Now @ Join Now! IP: GTMCis one of the first servers that offers the full GTA-styled gameplay! We have a lot of features to make the game as realistic as possible! Whether you want to gain money by selling drugs or houses, or...

#2 - PLAY.MARBLEMC.COM - #1 Prison Server    -   Minecraft  Minecraft       Votes: 2   Vote

  • PLAY.MARBLEMC.COM - #1 Prison Server

    Amazing content, thrilling multiplayer and loads of new experiences, all for free! Join hundreds across the globe today, on the most anticipated Minecraft Server, MarbleMC! We've spent almost 12 months of developing MarbleMC, and we believe it's our time...

#3 -    -   Minecraft  Minecraft       Votes: 2   Vote


    Join for new and classic entertaining game modes: Survival, SemiVanilla, SurvivalGames/HungerGames, Factions, SkyGrid, SkyWars, SkyBlock, AcidIsland, Creative, RPG, EggWars

#4 - MagicaCraft    -   Minecraft  Minecraft       Votes: 2   Vote

  • MagicaCraft

    MagicaCraft is a PVP and PVE server with dungeons in which the player can choose how he or she wants to play the game. When a player first joins they have the option to choose one of the many classes on the server. Each class has its own attributes,...

#5 - LyrocisCraft    -   Minecraft  Minecraft       Votes: 2   Vote

  • LyrocisCraft

    Let's go defend the open world of Minecraft. Grab a diamond sword and kill creepers. Adventure to the open waters and lands.

#6 - AmericusCraft - Top Minecraft Gaming    -   Minecraft  Minecraft       Votes: 2   Vote

  • AmericusCraft - Top Minecraft Gaming

    AmericusCraft is a free minecraft survival server. Server is running version 1.7.2. Free to join. Build anything you can think of.